Hear What The Expert Says

We Vibe is by far my most recommended product for couples.”

“I am often sought out by conservative couples who want to add a little spice to their marriage but are often leery of traditional, phallic sex toys.  When I show them the We-Vibe and how it can be enjoyed by both of them together, it opens doors for them which they had previously kept shut.  The We-Vibe has by far become my most recommended product for couples.”

Dr. Melissa Jones, Ph.D., Clinical Sexologist 


“My clients love We-Vibe products and consider them a good investment.”

 “My clients come to me seeking not only to improve their sex lives, but also to work on their overall health and relationships. I recommend the We-Vibe family of products with confidence for several reasons: their non-intimidating devices are high-quality and clients respond positively to their introduction and use; their brand takes a holistic approach to healthy relationships and sexuality making it a perfect fit for my practice; their couple-friendly designs offer a range of options for the novice and expert user alike; my clients love their products and consider them a good investment.


Sex is not merely an act, but a highly personal experience intrinsically tied to relationships, health and self-expression. Aligning the Sex With Dr. Jess brand with likeminded organizations who value the connection between empowerment, health and sexuality is of paramount importance and We-Vibe reflects this understanding in their research, product development and branding.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Sexologist, Relationship Expert, TV Personality, Author, Counsellor and Public Speaker

 “We Vibe is my #1 recommended toy for couples.”

“I think the We Vibe is the great equalizer. Many couples think that the ultimate orgasms involve climaxing through intercourse, together if possible. The We Vibe is the only product that I know that can consistently make that happen.” It’s my #1 recommended toy for couples. It’s innovative, high quality, has great power and fits well for most women.”

Sue McGarvie, International Sex Expert and Therapist.