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  1. ‘Everyone’s a Winyi Baby’

    ‘Everyone’s a Winyi Baby’ with the Richard Rechargeable Prostate Plug

    There’s a certain beauty to human creation and it’s not that we are all made unique… it’s that there’s one thing we all have in common, ass holes!

    And let’s face it, exploring the world of butt-play can be scary, especially when pleasure isn’t guaranteed… now there’s no foolproof way to dive into it, but we think we’ve found the perfect place to start; enter The Winyi Richard Rechargeable Plug.

    Not all butt plugs are created equal, more than just your standard plug,

    Winyi’s Richard Rechargeable comes with a discreet, small handheld remote allowing you to control the stimulation you give AND receive. Its shape is custom-designed to vibrate and massage all the right spots while fitting snug where it counts with a realistic and smooth feel.

    We would never recommend something to you that couldn’t deliver a premium experience either, Winyi’s products boast a skin-like feel that is

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  2. sex toys cleaning 101

    Does hot water and soap do the job?

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  3. how to turn on my wife: a guide

    The ladies Viagra is as simple as 1, 2, 3

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  4. men and women, and then what?

    There are as many intersex people as there are redheads, so what is intersex?

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  5. cool facts about the penis

    Do you know when guys get their first erection? It's earlier than you think!

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  6. what is a penis?

    This seems like a really easy question, but could you label a penis diagram?

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  7. cool facts about vaginas

    Do you know how bit the clitoris really is?

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  8. what is a vagina?

    Everyone knows what the vagina is... right?

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  9. ideas for Valentine's Day

    Not sure what to get your boo for Valentine's? We have a few ideas for you!

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  10. Help! how do I shop for lingerie?

    This can be one of the most nerve-wracking things in one's life - lingerie shopping for someone else.

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